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I Love My Country Irrespective Of Party Offices, Shrines and University Campuses

March 19, 2016

I decided to tackle the recent menace of antagonism to the country by tweeting my simple but pure love for the mother, my country. Accordingly I tweeted- I love my country, my mother. May my pure love for the country pervade the whole length and breadth irrespective of party offices, shrines and university campuses.  People of recognizable intelligence have already come up with their versions of the need to be tolerant, not refusing to concede a little bit of diversion even if it amounts to some stray remarks sought to denigrate the motherland. These are the people who have been nourished in the healthy atmosphere of the country with its fluttering wings of freedom. They give vent to their pent up feelings of perversion by playing down offences of humiliating the country and its tradition of nurturing them with all its bountifulness. But can they, the enlightened lot, do it without some garb? They do it in the garb of the theory of tolerance, seeking to widen its boundaries to the extent of scorching the very country that have raised and nourished them. The irony of the game is that they are tolerated even though they dare to be treacherous.

How should one, having pure love for the country, deal with these people having misgivings about their loyalty to the country? When the love of an average Indian for the motherland clashes with the heaviness and complexity of the thought process of the so called progressive and skeptical men, the entity of the country does not squirm in a state of unease as the love of the masses can sustain the mother through all adversities as it has always done. The average Indian has grown up loving the motherland without pretences and without the need to further his selfish ends. He does not look for an excuse to show off his aversion for the country as he has does not have a goal to reach. Busy with the pattern of his collective life, an average Indian leads his life with transparency so that it does not reek of treachery.

Some people, indoctrinated and cunning, need to bank on their kind of polemics to whip up emotions as they need to squash the doubts of the public about their worth and play their cards to pave the way     for divisive politics. People with leftist leanings have always found everything fishy about the country, taking pride in their assertion not to be parochial. They have often clamoured for ripples in distant regions without being bothered about what is happening nearer home. They remain stunningly silent about Chinese imperialism in Tibet and incursions in India but anything of the same nature by the west in some other countries does not escape their critical scrutiny. They talk about freedom while the ideology they subscribe to does not guarantee the same. Leftist students in our country treading the path of dissent to the extent of raising questions about what has been unanimously judged as anti India activity are hailed as trendsetters while their counterparts in the land of China were treated with bullets when they clamoured for democratic rights. Yet we cannot but love them as we believe in the principles of tolerance, though not of the kind of their version as it is based on hypocrisies. We love them all including the so called hypocrites as we love the country with everything she has. We believe that the magnanimity of the country will absorb the venom of antagonism in her sublime and motherly way.

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